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Ewing Mental Health LLC

Our Services

At Ewing Mental Health, we recognize that everyone’s journey is different. Our personalized services start with an assessment, followed by in-depth conversations and, if needed, evaluations. This approach caters to individual needs while allowing clients to share their feelings and thoughts. Discover our range of customized mental healthcare options designed with you in mind.

Telehealth and In-Person Appointments

Gain flexible access to our services with telehealth or in-person appointments. This adaptability ensures assistance aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, providing your comfort and convenience.


Experience premium mental health care from your own space. Our innovative telemedicine services provide expert care, ensuring you never feel distant or disconnected.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Embark on your healing journey with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This tailored assessment creates a roadmap for your treatment based on your unique mental health needs.

Psychogenomic Testing

Delve deeper into your mental well-being with our advanced psychogenic tests. These uncover the intricacies of your mental health, furnishing essential insights to streamline your treatment.

Psychiatric Follow-Up

Stay aligned with your recovery goals via our regular psychiatric follow-ups. These mile-marker engagements ensure your therapy remains effective and adjustments are made when necessary.

Medication Management

Navigate your treatment journey confidently with our expert medication management service, meticulously aligned to augment the efficacy of your therapy.


Expedite your path to recovery with enhanced comprehension of your condition through our enlightening psychoeducation sessions, designed to equip you with the knowledge you need.

Supportive Therapy

Find solace in our empathetic supportive therapy sessions that offer a safe haven for uninhibited expression and profound understanding, making you feel heard and validated.